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Niger State College of Education Alumni Association is a brain child of students that graduated from Niger State College of Education, Minna. The College was established in 1975 with the name; ‘ Advanced Teachers College Minna’. Later, the name was changed to Niger State College of Education, Minna. The College is one of the premier tertiary institutions in Niger State established to train teachers in all disciplines for the educational development of the State in particular and Nigeria at large. Niger State College of Education Alumni Association’s vision is to transform the College to an educationally viable and enviable tertiary institution next to none in Nigeria. This could be achieved through education support services and commitment by the members.

History of the Alumni Association

The first attempt to form the Alumni Association was made in 1991 when the first Principal of the College, Late Dr. Umaru Sanda Ahmadu died on the 1st January 1991, and a special prayer was organized for him by the old students of the College. They came together and started something which fizzled out after sometime.

The second attempt was made in 1991 when certain Alumnus came from Lagos, whose name is Raphael Oladele and encouraged the old students to come together to form an Alumni Association. Members were all in support and they embarked on a sensitization campaign which culminated into a formal inauguration of the Association on the 27th November, 1991, by the then Governor of Niger State, Engineer Abdulkadir A. Kure.

The steering committee was equally inaugurated on the same day with Hajiya Hauwa Mohammed as the Chairman. The first project embarked upon was to build a Nursery School in honour of the late first Principal of the College Dr. Umaru Sanda Ahmadu and named the school after him. A foundation laying ceremony was performed on the same day by the late former Secretary to the State Government, (SSG) Alhaji Dahiru Awaisu Kuta, who represented the Governor. We embarked on a massive sensitization programme which later led to a dead end.

The Association was resuscitated by Late Professor Ibrahim Adamu Kolo when he arrived as the Provost of the College. Late Professor Ibrahim Kolo played a big role in enhancing the activities of the Alumni as soon as he arrived as the Provost of the College. He inaugurated the Alumni committee comprising of members of the Alumni who were lecturers at the College in February 2002. The members were as follows:
1. Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Hassan
2. Mrs Victoria Jiya’
3. Mrs Amina Chado
4. Hajiya Hauwa Muhammed Lemu
We swung into action and embarked on massive outreach to Alumni members both within and outside the State, which culminated into a General Meeting and election of officials into various executive positions as follows:

Leadership (Executive Members)
1. Alhaji Iliyasu Dhako - National President
2. Hajiya Hauwa Mohammed Lemu - Deputy President
3. Alhaji Aminu Yusuf - Vice President Northern zone
4. Dr. Yahaya Kuta - Vice President Southern zone
5. Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Hassan - Secretary General
6. Late Mallam Muhammad Baba kudu - Assistant Secretary General
7. Mrs Victoria Jiya - Financial Secretary
8. Hajiya Amina Chado - Treasurer
9. Late Alhaji Abubakar Sadiq - Public Relation Officer
10. Late Samuel Sambo - Social Welfare Officer (now late).

With the new executive members in place, we continued with the outreach programme and strategizing on the projects to embark upon. The former Provost, Professor Kolo gave us an opportunity when he set aside a day for the Alumni as ‘Alumni Day’ during the Convocation Ceremony which was held on 21st March 2003. The day was well celebrated starting with a public lecture titled “Balance of interest: Challenges of Education, Youth and Gender Development” by then Dr. Yahaya Kuta Mohammed, an Alumnus of the College and a lecturer in Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ibadan. A fund raising Dinner was held in the evening and it was attended, and well celebrated. Associate Awards were bestowed on Professor Ibrahim Kolo and Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu, the then Federal Permanent Secretary F.C.T. in recognition of their positive contributions towards the success of the Alumni. The outcome of the day was the publication of the Alumni Directory, Volume 1 which featured some of the graduates.

An Alumni member of the Executive, Honourable Alhaji Aminu Yusuf, represented the Alumni Association in the committee in charge of the construction of Muhammad Gado Nasko Auditorium and he played a key role as a member. Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Hassan was also appointed as the secretary of the committee. The Auditorium since its construction has been largest in the College having a total of 1500 seating capacity. On the 6th of August 2004 the National President, Alhaji Iliyasu Dhako, wrote a letter resigning his position as President due to the tight schedule of his official duties at the time. In view of this development, Hajiya Hauwa Mohammed was immediately requested by the members to take over as the National President which she did.

The Executive members of the Alumni paid a courtesy call on the Chief Servant of Niger State, Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu on the 12th July 2007. We succeeded in the following:
1. The members requested for the payment of the remaining N55 million earlier pledged for the construction of the Gado Nasko Auditorium by both the State and Local Government Councils. This money was immediately released to the College after our visit by the Niger State Government.
2. The issue of recurring strike action embarked upon by the then Joint Action Committee (JAC) of the College was addressed and resolved after our visit and intervention.

As soon as Alumnus Professor Abdulrashid Haruna assumed duty as the new Provost of the College in 2009, he swung into action to ensure that the Alumni Association is in proper shape in order for it to contribute its own quota to the progress of the College. We were also proud of him as an Alumnus of the College. The national executive members paid him a courtesy call on the 6th May, 2010 and he expressed his support to the Alumni of the College. Several meetings were subsequently held with the Provost on how to move the Alumni forward. It was during one of such meetings that the executive members agreed with the College Management that the sum of N1000 Alumni due be charged on each graduate Student on collection of his/her certificate. Out of this amount, the sum of N500,000 (Five hundred thousand naira) was remitted to Alumni account which was utilized as follows:
1. Alumni Outreach
2. Alumni signpost at the College
3. Alumni Documentary on radio and television
4. Alumni Banners for National Association of Colleges of Education Games (NACEGA)
5. Publication of Alumni constitution 2013 and revised Alumni Constitution 2016.
The Niger State College of Education Alumni Association has been liaising with other similar Alumni bodies like Conference of Alumni Association in Colleges of Education in Nigeria (COAACEIN) and we were represented in Akwanga, Nassarawa State by the National Secretary, Assistant National Secretary and one other member.


The Alumni has succeeded in accomplishing the following:
 Organization of Alumni Lecture on 21st March, 2003. Topic “Balance of interest: Challenges of Education, Youth and Gender Development” by Dr. Yahaya Kuta Mohammed. He later became a Professor and a Secretary to the State Government (SSG) Niger State during Dr. Muazu Aliyu Babangida’s administration in the State.
 Fund Raising dinner and Awards on 21st March, 2003.
 The Alumni Association was able to furnish and commission the female hostel common room in 2008 through the meager resources at our disposal.
 The Alumni Association also donated books on various disciplines to the College library in 2006.
 The Association was registered as a Member of Conference of Alumni Association in Colleges of Education in Nigeria
 National congress on 9th April 2016.
 Production of Alumni revised Constitution 2016.
 Alumni Lecture on 28th November, 2018. Topic, “The role of Alumni representatives in the College Governing Council by Professor Faruk Rashid Haruna, the then Provost of Federal College of Education Kontagora.


1. Establishment of Alumni Center in the College and appointing an Alumni Desk Officer
2. Registration of Niger State College of Education Alumni Association with Corporate Affairs Commission.
3. Creating a network of Alumni across the country and beyond.
4. Creating a website for the dissemination of information.
5. Reviewing the Alumni directory.
6. Identifying viable project in the College for execution.
7. Adhering to the guidelines of the constitution for better service delivery.

The National Executive Committee Members at Present include:
A. Alhaji Yusuf Aminu (SUG Speaker 1983) - National President.
B. Dr. Abubakar Hassan Kawu (SUG Parliament 1984) - Deputy National President.
C. Dr. Abubakar Sani (1993 Set) - National Secretary General.
D. Shehu Ibrahim Muhammad (SUG Secretary General 2016) - Asst. National Sec. Gen.
E. Awwal Ibrahim (SUG President 2007) - National Financial Secretary.
F. Hajiya Hauwa Kulu Saba (1984 Set) - Treasurer.
G. Usman Babangida Abdullahi (2015 Set) - PRO.
H. Dr. (Mrs.) Amina Chado (1988 Set) - Internal Auditor.
I. Bar. Mika Anache (1984 Set) - Legal Adviser.
J. Hajiya Hauwa Mohammed (1978 Set) - Immediate Past President.
K. Mal. Idris Saidu (2004 Set) - Alumni Desk Officer.



You could also access professional advices from senior ALUMNUS whos have progress trmedeously in his/her field of endeavors in other to acquire and develop prerequisite career expertise.


The college have impacted in our respective lives positively, therefore, our support is epic in the development and advancement of the college, through significant contributions.


The alumni association is the best platform to connect and keep contact with all individuls who have passed through the college.


You could get access to professional development opportunities through other ALUMNUS who has achieved in their field of endeavors, and also important information which could aide your professional emacipation.


[comments by some prominent graduates of Niger State College of Education Minna.]

I am proud to be associated with Niger State College of Education, Minna, the college made me who i am today, as a former student and provost of the college.


Prof. Farouk Haruna Abdulrashid

the story of my life cannot be completed without the college, i got all my background from the school.



proud to be once a student of the best college of education in Nigeria.



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